How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

If you’re considering an abortion and wondering how much it costs, you've come to the right place. We want you to have all the information you need to make a healthy decision for yourself. Read on to learn about costs associated with different abortion procedures, then call us to schedule your free abortion consultation and get answers to your questions and more.


How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

The cost of an abortion is based on many factors, including:

  • What kind of procedure you undergo
  • How far along you are in pregnancy
  • What insurance you have
  • Where you get the procedure done
  • Whether there are any complications or problems

The numbers and data below are based on typical cases, but your costs could be very different based on the above factors.

Costs for Different Types of Abortion

Abortion Pill

Medicated abortions, also known as abortion via medication, generally cost between $300 and $800 dollars. Most women pay around $500 out of pocket for the abortion pill and related services.

Aspiration Abortion

Aspiration abortion is the simplest type of surgical abortion procedure. It can only be performed on pregnancies in the first trimester. The average cost for an aspiration abortion is between $300 and $950.

Surgical Abortion (Dilation & Evacuation)

Depending on how far along your pregnancy is, the costs of a surgical abortion can vary widely. During the first trimester, surgical abortions cost about $1,500 on average. In the second trimester, the procedure can cost $3,000 or more.

Your exact costs will be based on how far along you are, where in the United States you get the procedure done, and what insurance you have. You may also pay more at certain clinics or in a hospital than at other providers.

Does Insurance Cover Abortion Costs?

Some insurance companies, but not all, will cover some costs related to an elective abortion. The chances of getting insurance coverage are better if you use a physician in your insurance network.

However, in 21 states, there are restrictions on private insurance companies covering abortion procedures. In addition, if you have a plan through the Health Insurance Exchange, you cannot get insurance coverage for an elective abortion procedure except in cases of rape, incest, or life-threatening conditions in 23 states, including Ohio.

Does Medicaid Cover Abortion Costs?

If you have insurance through Medicaid, you can only get insurance coverage for abortion procedures in cases of incest, rape, or life endangerment. In addition, you may have difficulty finding an abortion provider near you that works with Medicaid. Doctors and clinics are not obligated to accept Medicaid for insurance, meaning you may have to travel or visit a new doctor.

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